MDRA Rules


Track and Facility Rules

McMurray Dirt Rider’s Association Rules 

  • All Riders must have a valid membership or a valid day pass to ride the track and a   waiver must be signed. 
  • Ride safely!  It is the riders responsibility to determine which obstacles are within their ability.  Ride at own risk and never ride alone.
  • All Rider must ride slowly (1st gear) in the pit/parking area.  No wheelies, stunts, doughnuts, etc. in the parking/pit area.
  • One Rider per bike.  No doubling.
  • Be sure to enter track at a safe point and travel in the correct direction.  Immediately stop and notify anyone seen riding in the wrong direction.
  • Never stop on the track, especially near jumps.  Pull off to the side.
  • All riders must wear an approved full face motorcycle helmet whenever operating an OHV in the park. Motocross designed boots are mandatory over on 60cc bikes. It is expected that riders utilize other appropriate protective clothing/gear when riding in the park.
  • Riders are PROHIBITED from consuming or being under the influence of ALCOHOL or DRUGS while riding.
  • Riders age 16 and under must be under the control and supervision of a parent or responsible adult at all times while riding the track.
  • Pets must be on a leash, under control and supervised at all times.
  • Please place your trash in an appropriate bin or remove it when you leave the park.
  • Automobiles must remain in the pit-parking area.
  • Watch out for younger riders on the track.  Pass with CAUTION!!!
  • Beginners, hold your line when faster riders are approaching, they will go around you.  Do not try and move out of the way, you may cause a collision.

Membership / Gate Rules

  • Respect and follow all rules of the track 
  • Lock gate after entry and exit to the track
  • Do not permit non members to ride inside the gate
  • Sharing lock code is not permitted
  • Respect all members


Membership privileges will be revoked if these rules are not followed.

For Day Pass holders additional day passes or membership sales will be denied if the above are not followed.